1958 Robinson St, Oroville, CA, 95965 

Uncle Ping’s, a family-run take-out eatery, just celebrated its grand opening at the end of last year. Fresh as it is in the foodservice industry, its owner, Mr. Wu, is an experienced chef having a good knowledge about food industry. Decorated by Mr. Wu and his son, the restaurant   somewhat takes on an atmosphere of cozy and homey, thus giving the diners a touch of home-like warmth.

Apart from the environment, another plus of the establishment deserving diners’ tremendous praise is the unquestionably delicious cuisines. Within the relatively limited choices on the menu, each and every is really something constantly drags customers into deep indulgence. Kung Pao Chicken, Boneless Sparerib, Chow Mein and Mongolian Beef, to name but a few, are good representatives.

What else draws customers’ attention is the great service and high efficiency in preparing and delivering food, bet you, it won’t drain your any patience in waiting for your order. “We take each order seriously and try our best to bring diners convenience and dietary enjoyment.” Said sincerely Mr. Wu.